Retreat – Invitation Only 

Here at Christine Gavin and Company, we provide targeted focus and innovation in creating social and financial returns to help manifest self-sustaining social impact missions, particularly those organizations focused on gender and racial disparities. While the philanthropic investments towards women made by Melinda Gates and MacKenzie Scott are compelling and vital, it hasn’t advanced mass giving. We must step outside the box and inspire real change to expand mass giving. We envision the first steps being through the WHO is SHI platforms.

Over four years ago, I began examining the lives of Sally Hemings, Martha Jefferson, and Thomas Jefferson, making multiple trips to Monticello which helped inform my historical sense of the complexity of our identity in America.

Through this examination of Sally’s life, a half-white, half-black enslaved woman, who is largely invisible in our American history yet possibly the single most influential figure of the identity crisis we share as Americans, I can’t help but think about what the possibilities are to bring Americans together and create a future that embraces a more unified identity.

“Reimagining a family, organization, country, or a world begins with taking the first steps of reimagining yourself.”

-Christine Sevier Gavin, WHO is SHI, Found-Her

The WHO is SHI Retreat

The Betsy Ross Hotel
South Beach, Miami

WHO is SHI 3 Day Self Discovery Retreat

Three days of masterful self-discovery, culminating in an extraordinary Jeffersonian styled 12 course dinner with conversations around the most important concepts embodied within the Declaration of Independence; Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, reframed for the 21st century woman; Autonomy, Freedom, and the Pursuit of Self Discovery, transforming the life of women, philanthropy, and equity.