Nonprofit Storytelling, Coaching, and Consulting

Customized Coaching & Consulting Services

The United States of America is one of the most resilient countries in the world. With charitable giving dating all the way back to the 1500s, be reassured that through all the challenges we have faced as a nation philanthropy has continued to be a bedrock principle of our culture and expression of social good. Nevertheless, now more than ever innovative strategies are of the utmost importance in realizing your organization’s mission. Nonprofits must sensitively and empathetically communicate relevance and revolutionize their fundraising to survive.

Established in 2000, Christine Gavin & Company has served as a philanthropic consulting firm helping nonprofits raise over $350 million through annual fund development, comprehensive campaigns, special events and donor-directed research initiatives. Over our two decades of philanthropic advocacy we’ve helped nonprofits manage through unprecedented events such as 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and the Great Recession with management coaching and services . Christine Gavin & Company can help you and your organization to:

  • Strategically evaluate your fundraising capacity and execution
  • Reimagine your donor solicitation, engagement and cultivation
  • Mitigate risks and bridge the gap from losses in special event sponsorships
  • Innovate and improve your communications and marketing
  • Amplify and reinforce your mission and impact

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation with our executive team by clicking here or calling (313) 246-9005. We offer a wide range of services from one-on-one coaching engagements to full-service fundraising planning, platforms and operations.

Coaching, Empowerment, Support & Guidance

Christine Gavin & Company offers one-on-one and group consultation and coaching relationships to CEOs, CDOs and senior management. We are especially astute in enabling personal and professional  leadership and working with board during unforeseen circumstances These services include:

  • Providing philanthropic, fundraising and marketing communications expertise to support your initiatives and objectives
  • Advancing and exploring solutions that create long term impact and results
  • Providing  the most up-to-date appraisals of the philanthropic landscape
  • Guiding institutional recovery, stability and growth

Nonprofit Intervention & Interpersonal Professional Leadership Coaching Services

Individual coaching services focus on a CEO’s and/or senior executive’s individual and interpersonal dynamics to support internal, external and industry behavior change. These services help:

  • Empower personal and professional leadership
  • Develop values-based goal setting and strengthen problem solving skills
  • Advance executive impact through guided self discovery
  • Enable leadership achievement and ownership of one’s own results and outcomes
  • Improve executive impact in personal and professional spheres of influence

Stock Photos Aren’t Your Story, You Are

Christine Gavin & Company provides the opportunity for you to truly make a mark on your website, documents, and more with original imagery. Through photography, visual stories will be told to convey your organization’s work and purpose. This will offer you organizational branding content that sparks emotion and a connection to the role you serve within your community way beyond anything stock imagery can provide.

  • Photo credits: Adam Dewey Photography

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Strategic Fundraising in the Midst of Challenging Times

Innovative thought leadership and proven strategies are imperative during emergencies and an organization’s foreseeable future. With our team at your side, Christine Gavin & Company will help you reimagine your philanthropic strategies, programs and events to ensure you continue fundraising with certainty on your side. We can help you:

  • Establish realistic, research-based revenue benchmarks to support institutional stability
  • Build a programmatic and cultural infrastructure with a finely-tuned Case for Support that is evolutionary with funding organizations’ priorities
  • Navigate corporate sponsorship, government and foundation grant opportunities
  • Reinforce the fundraising capabilities of the nonprofit’s CEO and senior management team and where appropriate work alongside its Board of Directors and corporate partners
  • Amplify local, regional and national presences with effective communication of mission and impact

Additional Fund Development Services

Christine Gavin & Company and our partner affiliates also offer the following capabilities and services: 

  • Appraisal of government grants and funding opportunities including the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act
  • Communications strategy and messaging planning
  • Corporate sponsorship solicitation
  • Digital and social media consultation
  • Donor-advised funds
  • Donor, membership and supporter solicitation, engagement and retention
  • Emergency board meeting coordination
  • Foundation grant and resources review including emergency  funding opportunities 
  • Fundraising infrastructure technical support
  • Industry-specific research, data mining and management
  • Organizational assessments
  • Public policy advocacy
  • Strategic planning
  • Virtual events

Whether it’s day-to-day or during an unexpected challenge, your nonprofit’s work is more important than ever.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation with our executive team by calling (313) 246-9005.