About Us

Who We Are

Christine Gavin and Company is a tactile, inspiring, and forward-thinking boutique consulting firm specializing in multi-faceted fundraising platforms for non-profit organizations, philanthropists, and social impact leaders. We emphasize helping women lead programs and missions, and BIPOC nonprofit communities tap into the over $499.33 billion in U.S. charitable giving each year. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create Compassion and Humanity through building fundraising pathways for those who are in need and have few resources to make a difference by connecting them to altruistic individuals, corporations, and foundations.

What We Do

We specialize in supporting and strengthening multicultural nonprofit leaders and organizations addressing critical social needs in the arts, culture, education, gender equality, health and wellness, poverty alleviation, and social justice through strategic organizational development, fundraising, qualitative and quantitative research, marketing communications, program design and evaluation, conferences and event management.

Our 23-Year Perspective on Philanthropy

Since returning to the United States in 2000 after living in Guangzhou, China and Hong Kong, social entrepreneur Christine Sevier Gavin has worked passionately and tirelessly in philanthropy. Because we have worked within lower socioeconomic, multiethnic, multifaith, multigenerational, and other diverse communities, we have witnessed the depth of social inequities and funding disparities that these communities often face. From a professional perspective and lived experience, we know how the need for social mobility impacts our communities in multilocal and multivocal ways.

Our Work as Social Entrepreneurs

After two decades of operating as a philanthropic  fundraising consulting firm across diverse public good sectors, the Christine Gavin and Company  began acutely and intimately interconnecting our social and environmental well-being from a global lens, thus In 2019, the started to emerge as a Social Enterprise by conceiving new, promising, and consequential ways to transform philanthropic giving through gender equality platforms and innovative multimedia platforms rooted in a Shared Humanity and a quest for Compassionate Capitalism.

This Mission Is Possible advocates for philanthropic equity for leaders and organizations that work in the complexities of crucial social challenges facing women today, including sexual and domestic violence, human trafficking, homelessness, female incarceration, gender inequality, poverty, healthcare disparity, fetal mortality, mental wellness, education, and equity within arts, science and culture.

Taking place annually on National Philanthropy Day, This Mission is Possible: A Conversation about Women, Girls, Philanthropy and Social Impact highlights fresh and new-fashioned thought leadership conversations that blend in multigenerational voices led by multi-dynamic personalities, including corporate executives, foundation heads, non-profit leaders, philanthropists, and fearlessly kind and civically minded social media influencers.

Philanthropy in the Black

Philanthropy in the Black is a new invigorating and thought-enhancing media platform that is designed to revolutionize social consciousness by taking a deeper look at philanthropy through the lens of multi-layered perspectives. The programming is deliberate and intentional with evidence-based data-driven examinations of corporate social investments.

Sally Hemings International

Sally Hemings International (SHI) is a hybrid social mission and social enterprise that blends socially responsive investments with inclusive educational and self-empowerment programming targeted at women and girls, which seeks to elaborate on Intersectional Women’s Studies, identity politics, and the chasm between gender equity, racial equality, and social viewpoints within these discussion topics.  This program seeks to center affirming discussions around the most important concepts embodied within the declaration of independence; Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, reframed for the 21st century woman; Autonomy, Freedom, and the Pursuit of Self Discovery. 

Christine Seviér Gavin
Founder & CEO

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Adam J. Dewey
Social Impact Photo Storytelling

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Amanda M. Lawson
Executive Associate, Christine Gavin & Company

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Lisa McCaskill
TMIP Leader for Education

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Mike Montgomery
TMIP Associate Leader for Education Curriculum & University Partnerships

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Nwachukwu Chidozie Nduka
Lead for Project G.O.A.T. Uganda

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Anna van Schaap
Women’s Equity Platform Consultation and Arts and Cultural Curated Exhibitions

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